Beyond the book: B2B consulting services

The People Powered Brand book encapsulates the method developed by Chris Wirthwein and Joe Bannon for creating culture-driven, customer-centric brands that win in B2B. This method was honed over their combined 60+ years working with B2B brands.

If the ideas in The People Powered Brand have you thinking about taking your B2B brand to the next level, consider these additional brand consultation services available from 5MetaCom, the strategic branding agency where Chris and Joe work.

Consultation services include: 

  • Brand consultation and strategy When 5MetaCom applies the people- powered method to your brand, you will:
    • Better understand the current state of your corporate brand
    • Learn what’s possible for your brand’s future state
    • Know what action to take to engage employees and customers in moving your brand forward
  • The People Powered Brand workshops Multi-day, full-day and half-day options available.
  • Qualitative research In-depth interviews with internal teams, customers and prospects uncover insights which, in turn, inform the brand strategy, positioning and message.
  • Message development Craft a pinpoint message to help penetrate the market and move customers toward brand adoption.
  • Brand enrollment Get employees on board with the brand so it moves from their heads to their hearts, and is expressed in their everyday behaviors.
  • Owned media calibration Most B2B brands underutilize their owned media assets. The calibration process assesses your current mix of media to ensure you are deriving the most value from every channel.

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