5 steps to building a culture-driven, customer-centric B2B brand

You’ll learn the details of all 5 steps in the book:

Step 1: Brand Discovery – Understand current reality and what’s possible. Building a people-powered brand begins by assessing where you’ve been, where you stand now and where you want to go.

Step 2: Brand Envisioning – Prototype the desired brand.
This phase merges reality, vision, strategy and creativity to design the brand you wish you would be.

Step 3: Brand Expression – Build the message: what to say, how to say it. In this phase, the authors explain the right way to develop and test your message and the “big idea” creative work.

Step 4: Brand Mobilization – Align your people; deliver the brand. Think of the first three steps of our branding process as the work of discovering, gathering and storing energy. Brand Mobilization unleashes this power.

Step 5: Brand Stewardship – Keep the brand on course.
Corporate branding is not a “one and done” exercise. Rather it is a “begun and never done” process. Learn the steps to keeping your brand on track for the long term.

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