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The People Powered Brand

“This book will get you thinking about the right questions and issues as you tackle the task of creating a long-term successful B2B brand. A quick-paced, easy read that tackles an oft ignored subject in a simple and effective manner.”

Chuck Grawey

CEO (retired) Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants

“The amount and speed of change in today’s wild market economy makes it both an exciting and anxious time to be a B2B marketer. Fortunately, there’s an engaging new book that makes sense of this complex and demanding world. The People Powered Brand is rich in stories and insights and should prove highly useful to marketers looking for ways to create and grow a powerful company brand.”

Tom Asacker

“The authors clearly illustrate the vast deficit in wisdom about how to brand B2B companies. This book is a marketer’s dream…high concepts and step-by-step instructions on how to geometrically grow your business. The ‘people powered brand’ is the future of business. Will you adopt it?”

Bill Caskey

“The People Powered Brand is a significant contribution to the field of branding. Chris and Joe correctly point out that applying consumer product branding concepts to the B2B segment is fundamentally flawed. Their methods engage everyone in the organization, along with stakeholders and the customer as an active participant in the brand.”

Jean-Marc Choukroun

Managing Director, Park/Mathieson Group, Inc. Affiliated Faculty Member, University of Pennsylvania and Adjunct Faculty at Drexel University

“Chris Wirthwein and Joe Bannon artfully use their deep knowledge of business, branding and process to offer all readers — from the executive suite to the marketing team — an easy to understand, practical view of how to build a brand in the rapidly growing B2B technology space.”

Lisa W. Hershman

“In more than 30 years of marketing, I have rarely seen much emphasis on how to build and sustain brands in a B2B marketplace. With The People Powered Brand, Chris Wirthwein and Joe Bannon provide decades of experience and insight, and a practical approach to guide an organization on how to align and execute strategies effectively.”

Pat James

Chairman and CEO, Micronutrients